Queendom Goodies

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Worn nylons - 30€

My worn goodies are one of a kind, well worn and scented for your amusement! I won´t go a day without nylons on and  always wear a pair, during all activities. All items come in a descreet parcel and are vacuum sealed for that ultimate experience and yumminess. While wearing your item you have an option to add videos/photos of me in them for an added cost.

* Choose between black or tan nylons
* Usually worn 3-4 days
* Added cost for a specific pair of nylon
* Global shipping included in price
* Extra video (5 min) or photos (10 images) - 10€

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Custom videos 20€ / photos 15€

I love doing custom content, knowing that it´s for your pleasure only! I´ll make it my mission to go as seductive and risky as possible. But eventhough I enjoy giving it my all in order to fullfill your needs and desires, you must obey one rule - I don´t do porn, but nudity to some extent if comfortable.

* 4K video length between 5-8 min, depending on content
* Photos are high res. and include 10 images
* Reduced price on combo inlcuding video + photos (30€)
* You will be provided a download link once content is ready

Request for special items

Are you in search of other items, that special something to fullfill your desires? I also offer a variety of items, such as well worn socks/undies/shoes. Send me a inquiry using the form below and we’ll talk about pricing and details.

Purchase note
Payment method through Revolut-app or via OnlyFans (added charge).
All sales are final and download link for content will be sent out as soon as possible.

Contact for purchase and custom request